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Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Severe Snoring

Suppliers of Home Oxygen - Rentals and Sales

CPAP Machines

We are registered Resmed partners, as well as stockists of the Resvent iBreeze and Hypnus machines. We do CPAP, APAP and BiLevel machines.

CPAP Accessories

We stock a wide range of CPAP masks, filters, headbands and accessories. Contact us if you do not see your required product on the site.

CPAP Masks

Masks are the most problematic part of therapy. It may cause pressure points on the face or it may leak. It is best to do a physical fit if you want to change to another product. Sizes differ from mask to mask. We stock a large range of full face, nasal, pillow and hybrid masks.

Oxygen Machines

This innovative oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen up to 96% +/- 3% purity and weighs only 15 kgs, making it a truly lightweight and compact design.

Backup Batteries

Ask our dedicated team on advice for the best suitable battery for your CPAP machine.

Sleep Studies and CPAP Titrations

We have an inhouse Neurophysiologist that performs diagnostic studies for sleep apnoea at affordable prices. Do enquire about our private tarrifs.

Special products
Resvent iBreeze Machine
Resvent iBreeze

R 9 500 - R 22 000

Resmed CPAP range
Resmed Airsense10

R 7 200 - R18 000

Airsense10 Humidifier

Humidifier Tanks

R 980 - R 1 200

Mirage Quattro Headband
CPAP Headgear


Oxyflow5 Oxygen Concentrator
Medical Grade
Oxygen Machines

R 15 500

Resmed Mirage Quattro Mask
Mirage Quattro
Full Face Mask

R 2 700

Shipping & Delivery
We will ship anywhere within the borders of South Africa
Payment Method

We do have card facilities for the purchase of medical equipment.


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Our Business

Professional Team for you

Adele Duvenage
Adele Duvenage

With 20 years experience in the management of sleep apnoea and chronic lung disease, she is a true expert in the field.

Logan Duvenage


As the newest member of the team, Logan is passionate about learning and willing to assist in any way she can.

Logan Mikayla
Kyle Dix-Peek
Office Administrator
The voice of the company. If you need any assistance Kyle is the one to speak to!
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